In recognizing the greater needs for international emergency medical assistance and in order to provide better and faster aid, AA International Taiwan (AAI Taiwan) was established by Executive Aviation Taiwan Corporation (EATC) and Assistance Alliance International Inc (AAI).
To strengthen the integration of its International Emergency Medical Assistance Services, AAI Taiwan maintains three air ambulances on standby 24h/day. In addition our Malaysian head office can rely on an international network in more than 200 countries, accessing over 400 health care workers and over 2000 hospitals over the world to provide effective assistance, making AAI Taiwan the sole air ambulance emergency medical assistance company available on a 24h basis domestic with domestic and international capability.
The establishment of AAI Taiwan not only sets a footmark in Taiwan for a network and partnership in medical relief operations, it provides an answer to a demand in the market. AAI Taiwan cooperates with domestic insurance companies and financial services in providing the most caring and complete service for a greater public.